We play the hand we’re dealt.


I’m 18 and you are 19. We are in our sparsely furnished apartment and we have run out of money for the week. I’m enormous with a child who doesn’t appear to sleep in the womb and has taken a liking to my ribs. You are wiry and fidgety with wild hair and the wild eyes of someone trying to figure out how to be still with someone you love when you don’t know how to be still at all. We are a sight to behold. Continue reading

What homeschooling is teaching me about parenting.

Today we returned to work from our fifth winter break since beginning our homeschool journey. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where we’ve been and where we’re going on this education journey with the kids, and it occurred to me just how much this one decision has changed our family and, to my surprise, the way I parent. I thought I’d share a few things I’m learning along the way. Continue reading

The Moms Are All Right

1-Dont-take-too-much (1)

If your child has made it past infancy, you’ve almost certainly been there (if you haven’t, pin this for later…just in case): your kid has been that kid. The one that makes the bad choice. The one that bit just two days after you said they’ve never even considered biting. The one that calls another child a horrible name, the one that becomes the talk of the school. The one that does something that you had labeled “not in MY house.”

Continue reading