Hold Tight.

The day winds down.

There’s been bad news. There’s been bumps.

But under your roof, in your walls.

Hold tight to what’s there.

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Homing In


The plague is upon our house. We are 80% contamination.

‘Snot fun.

I was the first to usher the plague in, and therefore I was the first to recover.

I am playing nurse a house full of various degrees of sick.

One on the more severe end, involving spoonfuls of crushed ice every five minutes.


My house is in chaos, and I am inexplicably at peace. 

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The Funny Thing about Learning

Two Saturdays ago, we took the kiddos to Creekfest- a festival at their grandparents’ church. There was plenty going on all around the building, but E and I finally made our way to the front, where all the E-sized festivites were happening. Everything was winding down, so he had a bounce house mostly to himself. He flipped and showed off, smushed his face on mine through the netting. Then she started bouncing and singing his ABC’s. A through Z with barely a mumble in between.

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The Moms Are All Right

1-Dont-take-too-much (1)

If your child has made it past infancy, you’ve almost certainly been there (if you haven’t, pin this for later…just in case): your kid has been that kid. The one that makes the bad choice. The one that bit just two days after you said they’ve never even considered biting. The one that calls another child a horrible name, the one that becomes the talk of the school. The one that does something that you had labeled “not in MY house.”

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Love them well.

In the small moment of still quiet, I talk to Him. I play for Him photo reels of my babies; our highs and lows of the day. I praise and I repent. I tell Him:

The hours can be long.

He tells me:

But the days are short. The days are short.

I watch a different photo reel of three little people, growing like wild and precious weeds before my eyes.

The days are short, God. Yes. So how do I do this?

He tells me:

Love them well.

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