The Last Mayday.

This time six years ago, we found ourselves in a bit of a situation. Long story short, Branden’s post boot camp timeline for school and a first station were indefinite. The only thing we knew for sure is that Baylor would be in three schools in one year, and that felt like too much. We mentioned homeschooling, and all that tension our 7 year old was feeling melted away.

So we homeschooled. And we kept homeschooling. And then it was Jolee’s turn and she homeschooled, too. Every May we look back on the year, and then forward to the next, and the kids and I decide: we doing this again?

For five years, the answer to that question was a yes. This year, for both bigs, that answer is a no. Both Bay and Jo have chosen to attend their local public schools in the fall. They took me up on the offer that was always on the table.

It was hard for a moment, because it felt a lot like letting go, and I suck at that. I guess in some ways, that’s what it is. I’m also wrestling with the feelings you inevitably feel when a chapter is over. I’m trying not to buy into the guilt trap of time past and whether I was enough. I’m also already nostalgic about the whole experience- it wasn’t perfect, but it was wonderful. It was ours. I feel like I got to hang on just a little longer than I would gave guessed, and I’m thankful for that.

This fall, it’ll just be me and E- an experience the other two had, and one I’m excited to share with him. He has big plans for his kindergarten debut, and so far the communication I’ve had with the school leads me to believe he’ll have a happy one.

We are heading into a new and exciting chapter; a different season for our family. Until then, I’m going to soak up the one before us: summer. I hope to make it a great one, I hope to finish well as I step back from mom/teacher to just mom again. I hope they know it’s with love that I held on, and with love that I watch them go.

That, and math. I hope they know some math.

To those of you who joined us on this journey, thank you so much. I remember the hesitation from some when we began, most of whom are sad to hear it’s over now…funny how that works. If you’re reading this and we’ve talked homeschool, I hope this in no way discourages you on your own journey- keep on, it’s all so worth it! I have no regrets. It’s been an incredible ride.

What homeschooling is teaching me about parenting.

Today we returned to work from our fifth winter break since beginning our homeschool journey. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where we’ve been and where we’re going on this education journey with the kids, and it occurred to me just how much this one decision has changed our family and, to my surprise, the way I parent. I thought I’d share a few things I’m learning along the way. Continue reading

The Funny Thing about Learning

Two Saturdays ago, we took the kiddos to Creekfest- a festival at their grandparents’ church. There was plenty going on all around the building, but E and I finally made our way to the front, where all the E-sized festivites were happening. Everything was winding down, so he had a bounce house mostly to himself. He flipped and showed off, smushed his face on mine through the netting. Then she started bouncing and singing his ABC’s. A through Z with barely a mumble in between.

Care to guess how often we have worked on his ABCs? Continue reading

BHB’s Wonder Project

Am I the only one who feels like things have just been extra tense lately?

On the news, on the screens, trickling into our homes, our lives.

And then there’s those other things that linger as they tend to in each day: restlessness, worry. Sometimes even discontent. Comparison, which a lot of time leads us right back to discontent.

My tagline here is “finding the Holy Ordinary in the Wholly Ordinary.”

I really, really want to do that with you. I want to remember how much beautiful there is in our backyards. In the unexpected places, or maybe just the overtly beautiful places that we have come to take for granted in our busy day.


So here is my challenge:

The BHB Wonder Project. Thirty days of seeing God in the seemingly average course of our days. A few rules:

1. Find the incredible all around you. The lovely, the odd, the surprising; the things that strike some sort of chord in your heart.

2. To make sure this hits closest to home, contain your subject area to your usual daily route: the places you would be going and doing and seeing on any given day.

3. Capture these things each day for the next 30.

4. Whether it’s through Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, add the hashtag #bhbwonderproject  (follow me on Instagram here or Twitter here, or Facebook here)

5. When we are finished, let me know about your journey!

I so hope you will join me and reclaim some magic in our day-to-day lives!



Am I the only homeschool mom who uses May for self-assessment?

The truth is, I love homeschooling. It genuinely excites me. But I’m not married to it; I have always said that we will only do it as long as it is working for us. This year had lots of starts and stops with two moves and quite a few life changes and growing pains. This year was not our normal. Jo breezed through and managed to conquer half of the grade ahead, but over all, it’s been more challenging than any year other than Bay’s first.

Continue reading