Hold Tight.

The day winds down.

There’s been bad news. There’s been bumps.

But under your roof, in your walls.

Hold tight to what’s there.

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Homing In


The plague is upon our house. We are 80% contamination.

‘Snot fun.

I was the first to usher the plague in, and therefore I was the first to recover.

I am playing nurse a house full of various degrees of sick.

One on the more severe end, involving spoonfuls of crushed ice every five minutes.


My house is in chaos, and I am inexplicably at peace. 

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What homeschooling is teaching me about parenting.

Today we returned to work from our fifth winter break since beginning our homeschool journey. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where we’ve been and where we’re going on this education journey with the kids, and it occurred to me just how much this one decision has changed our family and, to my surprise, the way I parent. I thought I’d share a few things I’m learning along the way. Continue reading

A Call to Open Arms

I was eighteen. I looked closer to fourteen with big eyes and a very rounded face.

That wasn’t all that was rounded.

The khaki overalls and the pink tank top, the last outfit I had that fit comfortably over my stomach that felt as though it stuck three feet out, nearly bursting with an almost ten-pound baby boy. I was swollen. I was tired. I was scared. I was certainly not trying to be the walking parade I was. Sometimes I wanted to disappear.

Because there were stares.  Eyes in a slit, curled lips. Muttered sentences that yes, I heard. I promise you: I heard.

I’m reading these news stories about Planned Parenthood. And I’m heartbroken, I am. But part of me wonders.

Wonders about those of you who cry out against these atrocities, those of you who post online with righteous indignation….

…were you the ones staring at me?

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BHB’s Wonder Project

Am I the only one who feels like things have just been extra tense lately?

On the news, on the screens, trickling into our homes, our lives.

And then there’s those other things that linger as they tend to in each day: restlessness, worry. Sometimes even discontent. Comparison, which a lot of time leads us right back to discontent.

My tagline here is “finding the Holy Ordinary in the Wholly Ordinary.”

I really, really want to do that with you. I want to remember how much beautiful there is in our backyards. In the unexpected places, or maybe just the overtly beautiful places that we have come to take for granted in our busy day.


So here is my challenge:

The BHB Wonder Project. Thirty days of seeing God in the seemingly average course of our days. A few rules:

1. Find the incredible all around you. The lovely, the odd, the surprising; the things that strike some sort of chord in your heart.

2. To make sure this hits closest to home, contain your subject area to your usual daily route: the places you would be going and doing and seeing on any given day.

3. Capture these things each day for the next 30.

4. Whether it’s through Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, add the hashtag #bhbwonderproject  (follow me on Instagram here or Twitter here, or Facebook here)

5. When we are finished, let me know about your journey!

I so hope you will join me and reclaim some magic in our day-to-day lives!


The direction we face.

Today our heads should be bowed instead of turned.

Or they should be upright, looking something in the eye and calling it what it is.

You see, we give it power when we don’t speak it.

If you aren’t calling what happened in Charleston a hate crime, you are turning your head when you should be bowing it.  

If you attempt to point out other crimes where the skin colors change that aren’t getting as much attention, you are turning your head when you should be bowing it. 

If you are doing anything but grieving with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, or just fellow humans; if you are doing anything beyond calling this an atrocity; if you are searching for words that could defend or justify this evil act, you are turning your head when you should be bowing it. 

Friends, racism is real and it is ugly. And hate only breeds hate. Let’s come together and grieve with our family of believers and hold off on the rest.

Or better yet, throw it away altogether.

Eyes closed, hearts on Him. Hands reached out for nothing but the offer of comfort. For now.