A New (May)Day.

This isn’t our typical May. It is/has been filled to the brim with activity. In years before, our homeschool years, May 1 was the finish line. This year, May is the victory lap.

The bigs have exceeded all my hopes for what heading to public school would be for them; they both excelled academically, and Jolee thrived in the friendly-competitive environment of a larger school setting.

My girl and her reading fair project.

They gave me no trouble in the mornings, a thing at which I still marvel. And now we coast through this last few weeks and enjoy our summer; maybe no harder earned than in the past, but greeted just a little more eagerly.

While the bigs are doing one last lap, E is warming up. Today was his kindergarten screening. He was cool as a cucumber, and I was…not. While our experiences with E may not be all that common, I think we can all agree that we want our children’s teachers to see them like we see them; to care for them and about them, to welcome them into the fold just as they are, and hopefully to delight in them. To hold your children, your whole entire heart wrapped up in three amazing little people, out to the world and ask it to be kind is nerve-wracking, to understate it. There at his future school, though, I was reassured that E would get that kindness, just as his brother and sister have received, and I can’t tell you what that did for this mama’s heart. Sometimes people and places can surprise you in the best way, and thank God for that. We take our wins where we can get them. This feels like a big one.

Other things May brought:

A new sport. Jolee tried lacrosse. It was something foreign to us all, but it was an absolute blast.


Baylor was invited to play at a music festival with a friend, and he’s been working hard at that. It’s been amazing to watch his talents blossom. He’s also taken in a few more rescue snakes, Lord help us. Pictured below are Bay and Texas, named such because, well…she big.


It’s not our typical May, and I’m okay with that. It looks like this will be our new typical now, as all three kids chose public school again for the upcoming year. Here’s hoping next year is as good as this one has been.

**I can’t make a post about May and not acknowledge this pretty boy’s birthday. Baylor’s puppy Quill turns one this month, and life would be a lot less lovey (but also way less chewed up) without him. Happy Birthday, Quillionaire, Quillbilly, Quilliam, Queeeeeyulllll, Heydonteatthat. We love you. Thanks for being needy enough to keep any hint of baby fever at bay, and please stop eating highlighters.


***Oh, and the lemons! They are just a-growin’. This baby fell off a bit early, but E insisted on trying it. He also insisted it wasn’t extra sour (it most certainly was). Grow, babies, grow!


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