On the day you came out

When we told the world how our family had been wrong,

We held hands, held our breaths, tried to be strong.

We expected some things, but I never knew

On the day we came out, you’d be coming out, too.

You came out as cowards, so passive-agressive,

You came out as loving and surprisingly progressive.

You came out as pensive, you came out as delighted,

You came out as here for us, though torn and divided.

You came out as needing to speak and be heard,

You came out and walked away without another word.

You came out with one feeling, then turned to another,

You came out and stood beside your baby brother.

You came out and left some things in your wake,

You came out and reminded us, God makes no mistakes.

A wise woman once said, “When someone tells you who they are, believe them,” and it’s true;

On the day we came out,

You all came out, too.


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