Our family has a new addition.

It’s seven flights of stairs. 

Between our new church and a new therapist, seven flights. Taking us through new thresholds. Greeted by new faces.

Thanks for climbing, they say. 

You’re so welcome. You’re so welcoming. 

Thanks for inviting us, I think. 

Up, up we go. 

Sometimes hopping and skipping and singing, sometimes begrudging and slow and holding on to the railing like it’s all that’s holding us up (no, really; ask anyone who’s been behind E on some type of morning). 

However it happens, we land on strange ground, growing more familiar under our feet with every trek. The climb, however joyful or hesitant on any given morning, has the benefit of a new view. Some things are larger, some smaller. Some things we are seeing from eye level for the first time. It’s a lot, but it’s a good lot.

I’m thankful that God is meeting us on the steps. I’m thankful for longer staircases; halls that keep winding upward to thresholds we aren’t to cross right now.

We have time. There’s room to grow here. To rest here. 

To take in the view.


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