Life of E

E has been on the trampoline for two hours with her sister today. They run and flip and Jo tosses her onto the springy surface. She still marvels at her own relatively new coordination- they may take after their mama there. “Look how high I can jump TODAY!” is a daily request that involves me holding my hand high, then slightly higher, and that sweet, soft little head bouncing up against my palm. 

E sneaks into her big brother’s room the minute she sees the opportunity. If she can reach it, she grabs the d3 powder meant for his lizards’ crickets, and she will make it “snow” into Remy the bearded dragon’s cage. When Baylor asks her what happened, he’ll already know, but he will grin and play along when she tells her long story about how the Joker has yet again broken into our house and framed her. With more patience than I ever had at 13, Bay raises an eyebrow and cleans the terrarium out…again.

E celebrates when Daddy gets home in his “white firetruck” each day. She yells and runs to him, tackles him, and then usually asks him to sneak her a piece of bread, because she also takes that after her mama. They wrestle and dance without a song on. They feed the fish and she argues with him about their names, because E likes to argue.

E wraps herself up in my arms when it’s dark and she’s sleepy. She’s never been a fan of the dark; our long trips back home to see family were scheduled around the earliest and latest light when she was a baby. Now, at almost four, she insists our pillows and limbs and sometimes foreheads touch as she drifts off. Bad dreams and sunrise bring her back to my bed, and our pillows and foreheads and limbs all meet again- the bookends of my day.

E’s circumstances may not be “normal” from the outside looking in, but our days are. She doesn’t yet know, and hopefully won’t for a very long time, about the battles that are fought to keep her safe. Her biggest worry right now is jumping higher than yesterday. That and the Joker, of course.

My goal, God as my strength and forgiveness and endurance, is to keep it that way as long as possible.



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