Are we going to be okay?

Is everyone really as angry as they seem right now?

Maybe so.

If we’re being honest…I’m not. I’m defensive, I’m tired, and I’m hurt. That’s where this election season and all it brought with it has left me. I think sometimes that looks like anger.

Not long ago I really thought I could just vote and sit back until November. And THEN once everything was settled, everyone would get back to the usual. Back to the business of kindness and mutual respect and anything but all of this. I’m not feeling so optimistic now. I fear that this year has caused maybe too deep a rift. I hope I’m wrong.

I really, really hope I’m wrong.

My faith lies in Christ, it is true as ever, but my living is down here with everyone else and I just crave a return to decency.

So. Can we be okay? Can we work on okay? Can we all agree that as a nation, we are a mess right now, and go about the work of being His hands and feet and doing what we can we can to clean it up? Can we agree to rethink about our way of doing things from small government up, know better and do better and then go DO better? Can we work to heal the wounds we caused when we decided to use our our keyboard like a weapon and the screen like a shield? Can we mend relationships that became casualties for our cause? Can we replace agendas with the faces of the people we love? Can we have real conversations about race and rights and love and who exactly Jesus referred to as our neighbor and who exactly God considers His child?

I’m in if you’re in. Please be in.

Let’s be okay again, and then we’ll figure out great.



3 thoughts on “Are we going to be okay?

  1. I’m ok and I’m in. But went to vote today & didn’t even have a purse when I got there. Had all my scrapbook stuff though. Not one piece of ID in any of that, except pics of my sweet grandkids. Surely that identifies me. It s certainly what makes me the happiest! I too wanted to get this voting privilege behind me & stop worrying about it. Guess I will go back another day this week with my identification pinned to me.


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