What Fear Does.

There’s been something on my heart for a while, and I’ve not written it because I can’t package it well. I can’t give it perfectly smooth analogies; I can’t wrap it up.

I think I still have to say it.

Our fears are turning us into Pharisees. 

We worship at the altars of familiar and safe. We sit on the temple steps, ready to comment and condemn any given stumble we see when we aren’t even up and walking. We continue in the pattern of God’s people fleeing from His promises when things aren’t sterilized and simple.

Woe to us, indeed.

What would it look like if we were willing to trust 2 Timothy 1:7? What opportunities are we missing when we worry about how we’ll look, how we may fail, what others may think? What would happen if we accepted His offer to taste and see something wild and adventurous?

When that adventure is a mission trip to an entirely unknown place.

When that adventure is us, coming across our side of the serving table as we minister to the needy in our community.

When that adventure is the journey or no longer thinking of “us” and “them” and realize it’s “us”, because He is longsuffering with whoever your “they” is just as He is longsuffering with our haughty spirits.

When that adventure is, at long last, answering the messy, complicated call to open our hearts up so wide that the risk for hurt is as great as the risk for love.

The word “safe” is too often used in my prayers. I need to pray bigger, trust His promises more, and go where my footing feels less sure. That’s where I am confronted with my sins of pride and control; where I see myself trying to be my own god. That’s where I confess and claim the privilege of letting Him steady me despite I see when I look down. He was there all along, just waiting for me to let go. I may fall, and it may hurt, but who better than The Healer to pick you back up and dust you off.

Here’s to the stumblers. We’re up walking; trying. We are laughing at the days to come, because He is for us. Out here, away from the illusion of our net, there’s only Him. And He’s got us.


One thought on “What Fear Does.

  1. “The word “safe” is too often used in my prayers. I need to pray bigger, trust His promises more, and go where my footing feels less sure …” I love the courage expressed in your heart’s yearning! Why play it safe when you believe in a God who does the impossible!? You never play it safe with your posts and I love that! You challenge your readers to stretch beyond where they are!


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