Things I Learned at If:Pray

Last night, our church hosted a local If:Pray event. The entire thing was just gorgeous, and it gave me flashbacks to the life changer that was the If:Gathering back in February.


I did a call to prayer on gratitude, and the best thing I can say about that is that I didn’t fall…until I got back to my table.

But I did a lot of learning in two short hours. Here are some of the things that stuck with me.

1. I’ve got some pride stuff happening, and it isn’t cute. I got really caught up in my tiny piece of the puzzle that was our church’s event. Thankfully, over the course of the night, God opened my eyes to how big the whole of us all being there together was. I was a drop in a bucket, and that was a much better place to be. It really made me see that I have to be careful about getting wrapped up in myself. Jen Hatmaker says to “play your one note”, but I have to remember that my note is one of so many in a big, beautiful opus that He is playing. I need to play mine in such a way that it’s harmonious. He’s working on me, now I just need to let Him.

2. I need some Titus 2 in my life. Through the little bit of prep that this event took on the part of the speakers, I got to meet a couple of remarkable women and get to know a few acquaintances a little better. I saw their hearts and I was humbled and just drawn to them. I looked around the room last night and I knew two things for sure: One, I have a solid group of peer believers around me; I could not ask for a better crew. Two, I am seriously lacking in real life, face to face spiritual mentors. I need them, and I think it will help the pride issue a lot. I crave the wisdom of a believer a few life stages ahead of me. I plan to follow these ladies around like puppies until they wear down and just take me in. Seems like the best approach.

3. We need time with other women. Branden is my best friend, it’s true, but I am still very much a girl’s girl. Girlfriends mean the world to me. Being in that room last night full of women just did my heart a whole bunch of good. I could feel the buzz of new bonds forming. I prayed hard that God would cultivate these relationships. It was just good, plain and simple.

4.  There is nothing like God’s daughters uniting and coming to their Father in prayer. I know for certain that we were not one of the largest groups gathered for If:Pray last night, but I know the power in the room was greater than the sum of its parts. God moves when we boldly come before Him as His daughters, united, praying. It was beautiful and powerful. The word “mighty” came to mind all night. We as woman love so big and give so much, all with different and equally wonderful experiences and angles and gifts. So to bring all of that under one cry out to Him… it felt so big.

I left practically floating, despite my literal tumble. He is so good to bring us closer to Him when we didn’t even realized how far we’d wandered. I’m looking forward to If:Gathering in February now more than ever. He is doing something mighty in women’s hearts and lives, and I’m just so thankful to be witness to it.

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