The Year Ahead


So it only took me until two weeks before we started school to be certain of the approach we are going to take this year.

As I told my friend yesterday, I’m too eclectic with our style to commit to one method. That just ain’t my thang. But I have decided that we will be going to do a little trading this year.

I’m trading the indoors for the outdoors. This year will have more hikes and bodies of water and sunshine and fresh air than any year before. We all need it, and there’s plenty to learn in the midst of God’s creation.

I’m trading my ideas for theirs. Not on everything, of course. I still have that need to feel like they have that core mastered for their age-appropriate grade, but the kids will get to do more independent study this year. There will be time intentionally left for them to explore their curiosity and passions, and there will be plenty of it.

I’m trading bookwork for life experiences. This pertains especially to Baylor as he’s the oldest. I’m hoping to enlist friends and family for “take my child to work” days. They’re going to grocery shop with budgets. They’re going to plant things in the ground and watch them grow. We are going to be the cause and watch the effect instead of reading about it. They’re going to learn how to replace and fix and create…or have fun trying, anyway.

I’m trading music theory for music. Get an instrument in your hands, kiddos. We are starting some sort of ear-splitting family band. You’ve been warned, all the people in all of our lives.

I’m trading a pricier curriculum for a free curriculum. We will be using Easy Peasy All in One this year for our curriculum, supplemented as needed (if needed). I’m looking forward to the flexibility and slightly lighter load while covering all of their needs. I’m also looking forward to rolling in all the money I’m not spending, Scrooge McDuck style.

So, there’s our big plan. We won’t be starting until the day after Labor Day, but I’m looking forward to it. This is the place I always hoped to get to, but getting out of the “school at home” mindset has been/is a process.

So here’s to a great fifth year on this journey…I hope!

Fellow homeschoolers, what do your plans look like this fall? Did you change anything up?

2 thoughts on “The Year Ahead

  1. I’ve used Easy Peasy from the beginning with very little supplements. Atticus is 21 days into his high school classes and he is learning way more than I did in those same high school classes. 🙂 Hope you guys have a wonderfully educational year!


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