Love them well.

In the small moment of still quiet, I talk to Him. I play for Him photo reels of my babies; our highs and lows of the day. I praise and I repent. I tell Him:

The hours can be long.

He tells me:

But the days are short. The days are short.

I watch a different photo reel of three little people, growing like wild and precious weeds before my eyes.

The days are short, God. Yes. So how do I do this?

He tells me:

Love them well.

Love them well. Immediately my mind goes to Bay and his math work, and the phrase I’ve said a million times if I’ve said it once:

“You cannot do your best work when you rush.”

Mamas, we cannot do our best work when we rush. To do something well means to give it the time it needs; the time it deserves. Loving them well can’t be pushed through. I am not the all-powerful being my kids believed me to be back when they still thought I could blow on a red light to make it green (“Corinna, Corinna” anyone?). I cannot make more hours in a day. I can’t make time literally slow down. But I do know. I know how to fill each moment full to the brim. You can make every second of sixty swell and expand if it is full of mindful, intentional love. Even just fifteen of those sixty counts can have the world wrapped inside of them. If we remember. If we choose. If we lock our eyes with theirs. If we listen intently. If we light up when they come barreling towards us. If we wait for them to be the first to pull away from a hug. If we let their fingers get tangled in ours and allow them to hold nothing else for a time.

I know this weekend will be inevitably filled with activities of one sort or another for you; ours will, too: sports and dance and church and parties and FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, you guys. But in the in between, let’s make our minutes swell- in both senses of that word. Let’s choose to love these precious gifts well. It’s the best way I’ve found to cheat time.

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