I can do it all, except that which I cannot do.

It’s 11 am. Hillsong radio is on Pandora because I need Jesus people bouncing off of my still-echoing walls to remind me about grace and things. There is a frog named Oprah on the top of my fireplace; Bay promises she’s returning to her outdoor home today.

My youngest is still working on his breakfast as he runs between cuddling me and yelling into a Perry-oke machine (yes, that is a thing). Jo, rounding out her first grade year, has conquered a mid-year second grade math skill this morning. She’s beaming. I’m beaming. One pair of Yoda slippers are somehow on a different set of feet every time I look. I’ve nibbled on delicious toddler cheeks while I coached a writing session. I’ve encouraged, as we are in the home stretch (three weeks left of formal lessons; praise Him) aaaaand I’ve already sent one to their room. I checked my “free spirited homeschool mom” box because I allowed dance breaks in the middle of lessons. I have turned a diaper change into a play session, kissed a papercut booboo, reached out to girlfriends, planned our afternoon trip to the farmer’s market, kissed my handsome man in uniform goodbye and written all of this.

I’ve done it all this morning….except I haven’t.

Pictures, board books, and stuffed animals are strewn about my rug, casualties in the natural disaster that is a two year old. There may or may not still be boxes in my dining room.

This isn’t one of those posts where I tell you not to care about keeping your house or doing your best; Colossians 3:23-24 tells me very plainly that this is my charge each day. This is, however, one of those posts where I tell you that you can give your best from morning to night, and sometimes that means you will simultaneously take on the world and have three or four things left on your to-do list. If your priorities align correctly, you will still have conquered much. There is grace for all the things not yet conquered, and new mercies each morning.

So cheers, mamas; the caffeine in me nods to the caffeine in you. Good job today: at work, at home, at all the extracurriculars, in your college courses. Let’s agree to crash in our beds at whatever time it ends up being tonight knowing that our best is plenty.


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