The most incredible toddler/pre-k curriculum.

Since our family began homeschooling, I’ve gotten a lot of questions. Mostly about socialization, but we will leave that post for another day. Probably the second most asked question is: what’s the best curriculum for my toddler/preschooler? So I’m going to let everyone in on this. In my super professional, homeschooling, mothering, and former pre-k teacher opinion, here is the best curriculum that exists, to my knowledge, in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

You’ll need these two impossible to find things:

1. A library.


If you aren’t tapping into this FREE resource, we need to talk. Yes, there are books, and you need to be reading to your kiddo allllllllll the time, but there’s so much more. There are endless activities and programs and opportunities for play and culture and hanging out with other littles and other moms. There is music,  there are language courses, there is media that can be used for entertainment or education. Have I mentioned the part about it being free? I mean, they basically do everything but feed you.

Go to there.

2. The outdoors.


Numbers, colors, shapes, letters, phonics, math, history, science of all kinds: this place has everything. Explore with your kids. Count the trees, the stones, the birds. Talk about the colors of the flowers. Draw letters with sticks in the dirt. The possibilities are infinite. If you treat the world like a classroom, it will become one. There is something to learn everywhere. Taking that approach has changed the way I teach the kids, but it’s also just changed me as a person. It makes for some gratitude and wonder that you can’t get in a workbook, friends.  Blooming where you’re planted is a lot easier when you’ve been nourished with the warm sunshine and turned the soil with your own little hands.

So there is my magic formula for a good, rigorous curriculum for your little ones. Let them play hard and explore big, and sneak the educational “veggies” in through those two things. You’ll create an excitement about education that changes “what do I need to learn” to “what do I get to learn”. Kids are born curious, and if we aren’t careful, we crush or bore it out of them. I believe you can go at a gentle pace in these tenders years and still come out with a kid who can hang with their already highly “schooled” peers. The only thing you have to lose is the burnout.

Happy learning, Mamas.

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