God things

I love talking with Bay. Especially in the car; it just seems like the best stuff comes out during a drive. Yesterday we had this conversation, and I just can’t stop thinking about it.

Bay: You know what really bothers me?

Me: What’s that?

Bay: When people say something was a God thing.

Me: What? Why is that a bad thing? You don’t think things can be “God things”?

Bay: No, I do. But people always say it when they were saved from something big. Like a car crash. But why isn’t a God thing that we have a roof over our heads? Or even hard situations. Isn’t it all a God thing?

First off, someone send me a guide for raising a kid who is actually roughly one hundred years old. Whoa. But, getting down into it, ouch- he’s so right. He said a lot there in a short burst of thought, and I’ve spent a solid evening, night, and morning unpacking it.

It’s a God thing when we are inexplicably plucked from danger. It’s a God thing when you wake up in the morning, plain and simple. It’s a God thing when we see suffering in that Christ commands us to alleviate that suffering as much as is possible. It’s a God thing when we are sanctified through situations that bring us discomfort.  It’s a God thing when we are brokenhearted, because He rushes to meet us there. It’s a God thing when we have enough to eat. It’s a God thing when we help others have that need met as well.

I wonder how much our every run-of-the-mill day would change if we truly got intentional about seeing things through this lens. Would we be more thankful? Would we pray more? Help more? Rest in Him more? Would my home, my community, be better for it if I make an effort to do this? I can only hope.

And hope is definitely a God thing.

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