Something New

Okay, friends.

I’ve got a really exciting, hard series coming up. I can’t do it alone, though. Here’s the deal:

As believers, I think we have to challenge ourselves. I think we have to compassionately listen to the voices outside of our faith crying out and saying, “You have hurt me.” I think we need to hear the uncensored accounts and pray, pray, pray. I think it’s time to start to make amends and use Christ’s love like a healing balm over these wounds.

So! I need you. Have you ever felt as though something in your life left you on the outskirts?  Perhaps with people misunderstanding you, or just not trying at all?

Message me, email me, Facebook me. Let’s talk. I want to share your voice in this new series.

Oh, and your shoes. Yes, your shoes. Stay with me, it’s going to be great. Just go with it.

Your thought and your shoes. That’s not too much to ask, right?

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