Dear Mama on this snow day

I’m sorry your day isn’t going as planned. I’m truly sorry if work is getting interrupted- I know that isn’t something to take lightly. I’m sorry you are all cooped up for the umpteenth day, I’m sorry they’re starting to bicker and you’re starting to question everyone’s sanity on the whole.

But since we’re here anyway…


Maybe God is begging you to come and pause with Him, with your babies (babies come in all sizes, after all). All of you together in some divine play time.

Read that book that they forgot up on the shelf. Get out that craft you’ve been waiting to do with them. Introduce them to your favorite childhood board game stuffed way back in your closet. Act a fool in the snow- again. Make your grandmother’s cookies. Talk and listen and snuggle.

I’m sorry this day doesn’t look the way you would like it to look. My days don’t always, either. But maybe we make the best of it and just rest in the moment instead of fighting it. These are our biggest blessings, and we have their undivided audience while the world is frozen. Time will thaw, and it’ll all start moving so quickly again. The hours will be days, the days months, and the months years. Let’s not miss this chance while we have it.

10 thoughts on “Dear Mama on this snow day

  1. We have so many memories on this hill behind the house. Bonfires, sledders flying down the hill. Times we will never forget. Big pots of soup…….never forget.


    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Darlene! I try to take the advice of those a few years ahead of me in motherhood very much to heart, and it seems to often it’s the same things: cherish it and hold on to those moments.


  2. YES!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth!! I’m a teacher so I do honestly love snow days with a passion, and it makes me sad to see others who grumble about HAVING to have their kids at home. They grow up way too fast and one day, moms will be wishing for one more snow day at home with their kids.


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