A little worship

Quiet time with God. Long meditations on His word. These are the things that I immediately think of when I think of spending time in His presence.

But today as I stood in the sanctuary, patting a diapered bottom to the rhythm of a praise song, I was reminded:

Mamas of littles, sometimes our worship is so different.

It’s not that He doesn’t deserve our full attention- He does. And spending time in His word is of course vital. I do, however, believe He sees our season. He sees the way we rock them to sleep with a hymnal. He hears our heartfelt prayer for a friend while we make a bottle. He enjoys how we talk to Him on our ride between work and day care. He sees how we count our blessings even as we kiss booboos. How we pray over them as they reach for up for us.

Our time with God may never have looked this way before, and it may never look like this again once we are no longer on call day and night. I pray we feel encouraged in knowing that He finds us right where we are. And that we can find Him, His peace, and His rest in a time where rest is so little.

While they are so little.

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